The popularity of Vlogs has increased exponentially in the past few years. Some Indian Youtubers you can follow for daily dose of travel inspiration.

Gotta Do India  – Scherezade Shroff Talwar is an Indian celebrity video blogger. The vlogs are well edited with fine background music. Scherezade Shroff has covered all the interesting places in India . Also she covers all the key aspects of travel in the following sections.

Gotta See

Gotto Do

Gotto Eat

Gotto Shop

Gotta Stay

There are playlists on this channel for all the key places in India .  Amazing Travel vlogs that can be quite addictive.

Current Subscribers- 191k  (as of 22July 2018)

Traveling Desi  ( Mohit Manocha)

Precise videos and all the information given

Current Subscribers- 163k  (as of 28Feb 2019)

Mountain Trekker

Varun Vagish has travelled most parts of India and his recent posts are mostly international ,covering countries  like US, Austria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia and Thailand. He does budget travelling and his vlogs are in Hindi.  The vlogs can be a bit lengthy at times but there is definitely the Indian connect.

Current Subscribers- 322k  (as of 22July 2018)


Kritika Goel

Current Subscribers- 92k as of 28 Feb 2019

Mithilesh Backpacker

 Current Subscribers- 214k as of 28 Feb 2019


Tanya Khanijow

This a recent channel with most of the videos covering hill stations . A few international destinations like Taiwan and Bali also covered.

Current Subscribers- 30k  (as of 22July 2018)


Toll Free Traveller   Rohith is a passionate motorcyclist and this channel is  perfect for the bike lovers.

Current Subscribers- 42k  (as of 22July 2018)

Nomadic Indian –

 Current Subscribers- 78k as of 28 Feb 2019

India Travel Videos

Current Subscribers- 375k as of 7 July 2019



Current Subscribers- 539k as of 7 July 2019


Jatt Prabhjot

Current Subscribers- 642k as of 7 July 2019



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